Au Pair Resources

Cluster Education Options

For a summary of education requirements, click on this link.

The following Virginia area classes have been approved and count towards your State Department education requirement.  For the classes listed below an au pair will need to earn 8.0 CEU’s to complete the State Department education requirement.

$ – denotes classes will cost at least $500 above the program education allowance.

The following programs are considered “weekend” classes approved by the State Department.  Read the program descriptions carefully; some do not include housing and/or transportation.

The following Free/Low Cost Education class DO NOT count towards your State Department education requirement.  These classes provide extra hours to improve you English skills.

If you want to take the TOEFL test during your year in the USA, it is recommended to register for the test at least 3 months prior to the end of your year.  Details at link.

Driving in Virginia

Required documents for Virginia Driver’s License:  Passport, DS2019, I-94 Verification, Driver’s License from home country, and current bank statement.

Fitness and Gym Locations

Medical / Health Care

APIA’s health (medical) insurance plan is First Health Network.

If you are sick, these doctors’ offices take your insurance. Tell them you have First Health Network Insurance, when you call to make your appointment or check-in at the office.

Other low-cost health services:

Return Flight Home


Travel Inside the USA

Travel/Tour Companies & Travel Websites


Travel Outside the USA

For information on traveling outside of the US, read this first.


Big Kids Need Interaction, Too

  Just because a child is old enough to occupy themselves, doesn’t mean that they should be expected to do so the majority of the time.  Host families have a certain expectation of activity and involvement for their children. Get the kids engaged and active. You can be more fun than the TV or video Read More

Au Pairs and Host Families schedules change in Summer!

  Au Pairs and Host Families schedules change in Summer! It is important to have a meeting to review schedule changes for the summer .  Kids don’t have school, but they still have busy schedules.  There is often even more driving for the au pairs during summer, taking the kids to day camp, sports, and Read More

Summer Sun Safety Tips

Summer Sun Safety Tips Americans take suncare for children VERY seriously.  Take time to learn these sun safety tips and prevent sunburn. APPLY SUNSCREEN DAILY. Kids will fuss when you try to apply sunscreen.  Remember, you are the adult in charge and responsbile for their well being.   Apply sunscreen daily. REMEMBER EASY-TO-MISS SPOTS. The most vulnerable Read More

Double Vision: Hole in the Hand

  The perks of possessing a pair of peepers. Ever wonder why we have two eyes instead of just one? Because our eyes are in two slightly different locations, they each perceive things a bit differently. Each one relays a separate image to our brain, which combines the two pictures into one, giving us a Read More

Chores – not a "dirty"word

  I was recently was visiting with a good friend and commented on the chore and behavior charts she have posted in her family room. With four kids, she found it can be difficult to keep track of who has done what and who had gained or lost various privileges. So, over the years, she has used various charts to Read More

Top 5 Storm Tips!

  Make sure to talk/text/email your au pair help her manage the storms this afternoon.  Last year during a similar storm there were a lot of very nervous au pairs.   With social media today, facebook and twitter can cause  – APPS (Au Pair Panic Syndrome). I posted these tips on the our au pair Read More

Saucy Apricot-Glazed Chicken

Spring is a BUSY season for families and au pairs.   Try using your crock pot on “Baseball Night”.   A good, simple, quick meal always makes for a happier player. Saucy Apricot-Glazed Chicken This is a slow-cooker rendition of the ever-popular chicken glazed with a mixture of apricot preserves, Russian dressing and dry onion Read More