Au Pair Tips

These are common issues/concerns that some au pairs have and suggestions on how to avoid them.

Keep Your Kids Active

January 28, 2015 What is physical activity for preschoolers? Physical activity includes playing actively, family fun such as hiking or swimming, and anything that gets your child moving! Tip sheetWhy is physical activity important? It helps your child stay healthy. It helps your child learn good habits early in life. It gives them an outlet for their Read More

Make Food Fun!!

January 27, 2015 Picky eating is temporary and there are many things you can do to deal with picky eating in a positive way. One way is to make food fun! Get creative in the kitchen: Name a food your child helps create. Make a big deal of serving “Dawn’s Salad” or “Peter’s Sweet Potatoes” Read More

Soda Bottle Polar Bear

January 13, 2015 Turn an empty two liter soda bottle into this cute giggling polar bear! Choose your child’s favorite colors for the hair and mittens. What you’ll need: Gesso (recommended: Liquitex Basics Gesso) White and black acrylic craft paint Paint brush 2 liter plastic bottle 2 mismatched socks Black marker Pink crayon Scissors 12″ Read More

Beat the Winter Blues!

After the decorations are put away, the celebrations are over, the New Year has begun: and the post holiday winter blues are starting to hit you and your host family.  What can you do to get through the long cold winter months happily? Get outside every day with the kids, bundle up and play outside.  Read More

Last Week to Sign Up for UCLA Course!

January 6, 2015 This is the final week to sign up for the UCLA on list class.  This is the ONLY on line class that will count towards your education credit.  Here is the link to apply for the class that begins on: January 9-May 11, 2015 Here is the iink to register:

ABC’s of Winter Fun!

January 5, 2015 A is for Art – try drawing, painting or gluing B is for Baking – bake a dessert together for dinner C is for Clay – Use non-hardening clay or play dough to shape and mold D is for Dance – put on a lively tape E is for Exercise – be Read More

Winter Driving Tips !!

January 2, 2015 BATTERY BASICS: Bad weather requires the use of more accessories that stress your electrical system.  Your battery is the foundation of your starting and charging systems.  Make sure that yours tests in good (not marginal) condition.  {If you need a new one, Genuine Toyota TrueStart batteries are on sale through January 31.} Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your English and Cultural Experience

September 14, 2014 Make friends with au pairs from other countries. You will be forced to speak English together and you will have the side benefit of learning about their cultures. We even have a few native  English-speaking au pairs in our cluster. In addition to being really cool ladies, speaking with them would be a Read More