Au Pair Resources

APIA EMERGENCY Contact Information

If you have a legal or serious medical problem, notify your Community Counselor. If your Community Counselor is not available and you cannot wait for her return, call the 24-hour emergency service at 1-800-928-7247.


Cluster Education Options

For a summary of education requirements, click on this link.

The following Virginia area classes have been approved and count towards your State Department education requirement.  For the classes listed below an au pair will need to earn 8.0 CEU’s to complete the State Department education requirement.

$ – denotes classes will cost at least $500 above the program education allowance.

The following programs are considered “weekend” classes approved by the State Department.  Read the program descriptions carefully; some do not include housing and/or transportation.

The following Free/Low Cost Education class DO NOT count towards your State Department education requirement.  These classes provide extra hours to improve you English skills.

If you want to take the TOEFL test during your year in the USA, it is recommended to register for the test at least 3 months prior to the end of your year.  Details at link.


Driving in Virginia

Required documents for Virginia Driver’s License:  Passport, DS2019, I-94 Verification, Driver’s License from home country, and current bank statement.


Fitness and Gym Locations


Medical / Health Care

APIA’s health (medical) insurance plan is First Health Network.

If you are sick, these doctors’ offices take your insurance. Tell them you have First Health Network Insurance, when you call to make your appointment or check-in at the office.

Other low-cost health services:


Return Flight Home




Travel Inside the USA

Travel/Tour Companies & Travel Websites



Travel Outside the USA

For information on traveling outside of the US, read this first.


Be Ready for an Emergency

  Illness, accidents or medical emergencies: As a host family, you should handle your au pair’s illnesses, accidents or medical emergencies in the same way that you would for any family member. If serious, please notify your local communication counselor. Since au pairs are adults, they may sign any consent form required. If your au Read More

Winter Driving Tips !!

  BATTERY BASICS: Bad weather requires the use of more accessories that stress your electrical system.  Your battery is the foundation of your starting and charging systems.  Make sure that yours tests in good (not marginal) condition.  {If you need a new one, Genuine Toyota TrueStart batteries are on sale through January 31.} CLEAR AS Read More

Make Food Fun!!

January 27, 2016 Picky eating is temporary and there are many things you can do to deal with picky eating in a positive way. One way is to make food fun! Get creative in the kitchen: Name a food your child helps create. Make a big deal of serving “Dawn’s Salad” or “Peter’s Sweet Potatoes” Read More

Beat the Winter Blues!

After the decorations are put away, the celebrations are over, the New Year has begun: and the post holiday winter blues are starting to hit you and your host family.  What can you do to get through the long cold winter months happily? Get outside every day with the kids, bundle up and play outside.  Read More

Soda Bottle Polar Bear

January 20, 2016 Turn an empty two liter soda bottle into this cute giggling polar bear! Choose your child’s favorite colors for the hair and mittens. What you’ll need: Gesso (recommended: Liquitex Basics Gesso) White and black acrylic craft paint Paint brush 2 liter plastic bottle 2 mismatched socks Black marker Pink crayon Read More

Hints for Success – Homesickness/Culture Shock

Almost everyone experiences culture shock when they come to a completely new environment. Everything is different: the language, the food, and the people. Here are my Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Homesickness 1. Make Friends – Don’t wait for other au pairs to reach out to you, reach out to them. There are other Read More

Facts About Au Pair in America

  Did You Know???- –          Over 65% of Au Pair in America families repeat with us. –          Au Pair in America Community Counselors are experienced, the average years of service of 9 years. – I have been with Au Pair in America for over 15 years!!! –          Au Pair in America customer service surveys results Read More

Back to School Safety Tips

  Here are a few tips for a great start to the new school year: Proper Backpack Use Remember to have your kids always use both shoulder straps on their backpack. Carrying their backpack by using only a single shoulder strap can strain muscles. Riding a Bus Protect your kids from unsafe areas along any Read More