About Au Pair in America

Au Pair in America is the nation's first legal au pair program. Since 1986, we have provided the best child care opportunities to host families across the US and au pairs from around the world.

AuPair in America Regional Cultural Fair

On Saturday, April 5, from 1-3pm, interested families in our area are invited to come and celebrate the cultures of 35 different countries with kids’ activities, performances, visual displays and a cultural parade. Join us at The Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Boulevard, Glen Echo, MD 20812.

St Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Here we are at this year’s parade.St Pat's Parade

Visiting The White House

VAO cluster at The White House

VAO cluster at The White House

ABC’s of Winter Fun

A is for Art- try drawing, painting or gluing
B is for Baking- bake dessert with the kids
C is for Clay- use non hardening clay or play dough to shape and mold
D is for Dance- put on a lively tape and have fund
E is for Exercise- take the kids out and run them
F is for Friends- invite some over to play in the snow
G is for Greenhouse- find a local greenhouse and visit
H is for House- make a playhouse from a large box
I- is for ice skating- but only if you have sports insurance
J is for jigsaw puzzles- pick one that is not too hard
K is for Kitchen science- try a safe experiment- the library has books with good ideas
L is for Library- see above
M is for Movie- make one with a video camera
N is for Necklaces- use Cheerios and make some
O is for Origami- see Library above
P is for Puppet- socks make great puppets
Q is for Quiet time- everyone needs some of this
R is for Reading aloud- make a game of it
S is for Seeds- plant some inside and watch them grow
T is for Tent- make one of blankets and chairs
U is for Unplugged-do a day with no TV
V if for Variety- try something new every day
W is for Walk- fresh air makes everyone feel better
X is for Xylophone- make one with glasses, water and a metal spoon
Y is for Year- make a calendar or scrapbook with the kids about the year so far
Z is for the Zoo- go visit the Bao Bao, the baby panda.


Many aupairs help their host children with their homework. It is very important to continue to keep the kids on task, even with the approaching holidays. Tips to help everyone can be found here: http://aupairinamerica.com/resources/activities/homework_support.asp

Scavenger Hunt at The National Zoo

Here are all of us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

Here are all of us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

Things To Do With Your Halloween Pumpkin


Education Matters at APIA

APIA host families and aupairs have been provided with a webinar schedule for APIA aupairs to take online classes on childcare topics taught by our wonderful orientation trainers. Topics include everything from Kids’ Nutrition to Activities for Preschoolers to Tantrum Control. Our schedule of webinars runs through the end of 2013. Another first for APIA!

Culture Shock and Homesickness

Here are a few ideas to help deal with homesickness:
Make Friends- reach out to other aupairs and to your counselor. There is someone who has been through what you are going through now and will be glad to help you. You are not alone!
Stay in touch with home- but not too much. Too much contact with your friends and family at home actually will make it worse.
Get out of the home and your room- Exercise- get fresh air. Go out with anyone who invites you out.
Accept that it will get better- and that is the truth.
Make Plans- Go to a cluster meeting, make a coffee or movie date.

VAO Aupairs Look Ahead to the Fall

Aupairs in our cluster are looking ahead to the Fall. With schools opening it is time to plan activities for the kids as well as for the aupairs! We will be taking part in CPR certification, as well as attending our own and joint cluster events, as well as preparing for the holidays and continuing to greet incoming aupairs.

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