9 Reasons to Choose Au Pair in America

April 25th, 2017

9 Reasons to Choose Au Pair in America | Au Pair in America

As America’s first au pair program, you’ll find we have set the standard for screening, selection, support and success. If you are considering au pair child care for your family, here are nine reasons you’ll want to choose Au Pair in America.

1. You appreciate outstanding service.

Our comprehensive service includes a personalized support team of experts to assist you and your au pair every step of the way, from getting started and finding a match, throughout your exchange term and transitioning from one au pair to another.

2. You’re looking for flexible and dependable child care.

With an au pair, you gain the flexibility and convenience of live-in child care to simplify your life. An au pair helps take the stress out of dealing with sick days, school closings, doctor appointments, soccer practice and other things that cause your schedule to fluctuate a little bit from day to day. Your children will have a trusted caregiver in the comfort of their own home, and you will have someone that can transport them to and from activities and appointments without hassle.

3. You want program options to fit your family.

Depending on the age of your child(ren) and the number of hours you need child care, you’ll find Au Pair in America provides several options to find the right au pair program for your family.

4. You want an organization with the flexibility to work with you.

We offer an Extended Payment Plan for the convenience of spreading out payments throughout the year, to help you gain the flexibility of a customizable child care schedule with an au pair.

5. You have exacting standards.

When you are looking for an au pair, we understand that you’ll have specific needs and preferences for the person that will look after your children and live in your home. You can search by home country, language ability, hobbies, skills and more to find the best au pair for your family. To help you find exactly want you are looking for, we offer Expert Match, a flexible and effective approach to find an au pair that will fit in with your family.

6. You want the best au pair for your family.

Au Pair in America provides you with the largest pool of au pairs in the world, with applicants from nearly 60 countries on five continents. All of our au pairs have recent child care experience, pass a multi-tiered screening process and background check and attend a comprehensive orientation program before they can join an American family.

7. You appreciate enriching cultural experiences.

Au pair exchange is about more than great child care, and you should be interested in sharing culture, language and customs. Your au pair provides a window to the world, and your children will receive a global education during their formative years. Through au pair exchange, your family can build an international network of friendship and understanding.

8. Au Pair in America provides comprehensive orientation.

You will be able to review the recent child care experience in the application details of available au pairs. In addition, Au Pair in America provides a mandatory orientation program to prepare au pairs to adjust to life in the U.S. and provide excellent child care for American families. This includes exclusive American Red Cross training for infant/child CPR and safety and an optional AAA driver safety course, customized specifically for our au pairs.

9. You expect accountability and integrity from your au pair program.

The organizational strength of Au Pair in America is unmatched; we were the first au pair program in the nation, and we remain the leader in our field. As a division of the American Institute For Foreign Study, our resources surpass other agencies to enable reliable visa processing, comprehensive insurance for au pairs and discounts for host families interested in any of AIFS’s renowned programs.

Learn more about trusted, live-in child care with America’s first au pair program!

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