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Memorial Day May 27, 2013

Day is a patriotic holiday in the United States of America, celebrated on the
last Monday in May.  It is a celebration of remembrance for the brave service of
men and women who gave their lives for their country. Memorial Day was declared
a federal holiday in 1971. We now, designate this day to remember loved ones who
have passed on, as well as remembering our service men and women. Flowers and
flags are placed on graves in remembrance of them. Parades and dedications of
memorials usually are part of the day’s activities. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
local marching bands, members of the armed service, fire departments, police
departments, and fraternal orders often march in parades and attend ceremonies
to commemorate the day.  

Good Family time at the Piney Orchard Street Festival

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Despite warnings of bad weather it turned out to be a fantastic day for the Piney Orchard Street Festival on Saturday, May 11th.  Au pairs were on hand to answer questions about their experience as an au pair and to offer tips to interested host families on how to have a successful year and what to expect.  Children were able to make a Mother’s Day card and get their faces painted.  We were right next to the Piney Orchard Elementary School table, the rock climbing wall and the dunking booth … lots of activity for the children and the parents!  Good thing the sun came out and warmed us up from all the splashing that took place next to us!