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As summer heats up, I hope your family is having safe, summer fun. Please take a minute to be very clear with your au pair about your summer safety expectations. It is always a good idea to review the following.
1. How often should sun screen be applied?
2. Is it ok to supervise children swimming from the lounge chair or should the au pair always be in the water when kids are in the water?
3. Never leave a child in parked car.
4.When playing outside on a hot day, how often should children be encouraged to drink water?
5. What does poison ivy look like?
6.What are your rules about helmets, glasses, hats, floater?
7. What are the expectations about play dates?
8. Check out the summer activities listed on the cluster blog!
Thanks for your support and for being a wonderful host family! If you have any concerns or questions, I am always happy to talk with you. Email or call me!