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Au Pair in America Serves Special Needs Families!!

Fall festival Septa

Come and join Au Pair in America at the SEPTA Fall Family Fair.  We serve all families whether they have special needs, one parent, two parents,  are bilingual because we are multicultural inclusive childcare provider.  We are the most trusted au pair agency in the USA!  See you on October 2nd!

Back to School and Routine

APIA Suffolk Au Pairs meeting in September was standing room only!!  Cindy Garruba, Senior Community Counselor, led the au pairs discussion of getting the children they care for back into routine for the school year.  The discussion including communication between the school and home through the backpack.  The backpack is the way notices, homework, classwork, and anything the student needs goes to and from school.  Also discussed was minimizing morning madness on school days.  We also discussed the healthy way to sneeze and cough to avoid spreading germs, not in the hand, but in the sleeve!!

After the discussion, we discussed lots of upcoming fall activities including the Annual NYC Scavenger Hunt for NY APIA Au Pairs.  Dessert, conversation, and a chance to meet the newest au pairs were a highlight of this fun and informative meeting.