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Sag Harbor Fall Family Fair

fall festival 002 for webOn Saturday, September 22nd the East End SEPTA held a Family Fall Fair in Sag Harbor.  Au Pair in America was happy to contribute a basket of goodies and a discount coupon worth $1200 off the APIA program fee for the Scholarship Silent Auction. 


Suffolk County Senior Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba, hosted a table with APIA information and enjoyed talking with families about Au Pair in America.  Lots of families learned about how an au pair can provide childcare and enrich their children’s lives through cultural exchange. 


fall festival 007 for webMilky Poosakul and Duann Rawongwet from Thailand spent the day with the children who stopped by to visit with APIA.  The kids made passport sticker books with flag stickers from all over the world.  They also enjoyed coloring placemats and having Global Awareness tattoo stickers applied by Milky and Duann!fall festival 014 web

fall festival 017 webfall festival 009 web

fall festival 023 web

Meet APIA Counselor at the Fair!


septa family flyer 2012






Come and meet Cindy Garruba, Suffolk County Senior Community Counselor for Au Pair in America at the Family Fun Fair.  Enjoy a great day with your family and learn about how Au Pair in America can work for your childcare needs!


Harvest Time in Suffolk County

applepumpkinpickingguideAu Pairs and Host Families Pick Their Own Veggies all over Suffolk County, LI.

The farms have more than just fresh vegetables, they are a family fun destination!  Picnic grounds, corn mazes, farm animals to feed and pet, music, arts and crafts.  Click on a link and find a farm near you to explore!  Don’t forget to eat your veggies, too!