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10 Tips for Summer Safety

  1. Remember to bring along drinks, especially water. Try to get children to drink water every 20 minutes, when they are outside in hot weather.
  2. Pay attention to surfaces that can be hot against children’s skin, such as metal slides and other playground equipment in the sun.
  3. Safety around water is particularly important. A child can drown in just a few inches of water. Whenever you are near water you must never leave a child alone – if the phone rings, take them with you or let it ring! Always stay within arm’s reach when the children are in or near water.
  4. Young babies should be kept out of direct sunlight. Keep the baby in the shade or under a tree, umbrella or stroller canopy.
  5. Dress babies in lightweight clothing and use brimmed hats.
  6. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside, even if it appears overcast (cloudy).
  7. Try to keep children out of the sun in the middle of the day when the sun is strongest.
  8. Learn what poison ivy looks like and keep children out of it. A good rule to teach the children is “leaves of three, let it be.”
  9. Use insect repellent spray to keep away mosquitos and ticks. Ask your host parents before applying.
  10. Check for ticks when you bring children in from playing outside, especially if you’ve been in tall grass or the woods.

Photo: Scott97006 (Flickr)


Saying Good bye to Au Pairs

Community Counselor Cindy Garruba wishes Caroline from Brazil good bye

Every au pair must return home to her country when she completes her Au Pair in America program.  APIA wants to support au pairs as they take the step ahead into the “real world”!  Some au pairs are heading to University to complete a degree or earn a masters, some are heading into the career world, and some might be heading onto another world adventure.

Anais from France at her good bye coffee

What ever our APIA au pairs are about to do, we want to prepare them as best as possible.  Au Pair in America has started a Re-entry Resume building program for our au pairs.  Field Reps/ Community Counselors, Cindy Garruba and Robin Leon have developed tools for au pairs to use to build their resumes.  They have taken skills au pairs learn and translated them to meaningful terms to use on their resumes.

Caroline from Brazil with her Education Certificate

Luggage Tag Good bye Gift for Au Pairs

Counselors host cluster meetings or good bye coffees for au pairs as they leave.  They now can add resume building into these farewells.  APIA au pairs also earn education certificates when they complete their required classes.  Once they return home, they also receive the Completion Certificate.  Many also earn Global Awareness certificates for sharing their culture as lessons in US classrooms, youth groups, or organized groups.  They often earn ESL or TOEFL certificates, too.  Many au pairs from APIA love volunteering and earn Volunteer certificates from APIA.  All of these certificates build their resumes, too.

Au Pairs from Au Pair in America are always a part of the family and we send them off with a good bye luggage tag that says:

“I’m going places with Au Pair in America!”



Summer & Water Safety is Important for Au Pairs on Eastern Long Island!

On Sunday, June 10th the Suffolk County APIA au pairs met at their Community Counselor’s home for their annual Water & Summer Safety Cluster Meeting.

  When the au pairs first arrived they painted beach rocks to symbolize their country flags.  June 14th is Flag Day and Cindy Garruba, the Community Counselor, thought this would be a good opening activity to give au pairs an opportunity to interact with one another and be creative.

Though the weather was cloudy, some of the au pairs did spend a little time on the beach before the safety lesson.

The lesson included summer safety tips on using sunscreen, warnings on sunburn, sunstroke, poison ivy, ticks and Lyme disease, mosquitos, and basic first aid for cuts & scrapes. 

Every au pair on Long Island is near a beach, many have host families with pools in their backyard.  Cindy, a former lifeguard and swim instructor, discussed safety around pools and on beaches.  The biggest emphasis was on preventing accidents from happening! 

After all of the important information was shared and discussed, Cindy served strawberries and cream.  It is Strawberry season on Long Island and many of the farms will have festivals this month.  The biggest festival is in Mattituck from June 14 – 17

The Suffolk County Cluster of Au Pair in America is ready for a fun and safe summer!