Au Pair Life in America

This page features stories about au pairs who have been in my cluster. Some are about special events or recognition received, others are essays about Life in America.

Life in America – As they approach the end of their au pair experience, I have asked them to share some of their impressions of America and their experiences. I try to edit these as little as possible. They reflect the views of the individuals, so please enjoy them in the spirit they are intended – interesting, often amusing cultural reflections.

Au Pair Holiday Memories – Thanksgiving

I recently asked the au pairs in my cluster to share their favorite holiday memory from fall/winter 2011. I expected to have a lot of replies about Christmas, New Years and maybe Hanukkah. I was surprised that I received more replies about Thanksgiving than any other holiday. I suppose I take Thanksgiving for granted because Read More

Life In America – Natacha

Five Things That Surprised Me Most in the US Everybody is so friendly. I think Americans are really friendly, when you go to a restaurant waiters and waitresses are super nice, calling you “sweetie” and coming during dinner making sure everything is ok; You can’t walk in a shop without having multiple help from the Read More