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These are some tips for parents of teens,but could also very easily apply to host parents with au pairs!

They were written by Teens for you and provided by

Tips FOR Parents, FROM Teens

Building Better Relationships with Your Teen

  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Don’t multi-task when you’re listening to us –really listen!
  • Remember to tell us you love us – give us a hug even if we squirm.
  • Try to eat dinner together several times a week.
  • Tell us what happened to you as a teen and share how you felt at the time.
  • Don’t just ask “How was your day?”  Ask us something more specific – “How was English class? I know you’ve been struggling with that assignment.”
  • Often, when we come to you with a problem we just want to be heard and know that you understand.  You don’t have to solve the problem – just listen with a loving heart.
  • Try texting and/or Facebook to talk with us. It’s just another way to stay connected.
  • When you make rules, don’t cave-in when we argue with you.  Be ready to compromise, but don’t just give-up.

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