Monthly Au Pair Business Meeting


Each month I hold an Au Pair Business Meeting for the au pairs in my cluster.  This meeting is in addition to our monthly Discover America Social Activity.

The agenda for the Au Pair Business Meeting is distributed to the host family in advance of the meeting date to allow host families to add comments/concerns to be reviewed with the au pairs.  Follow up meeting minutes are sent to au pairs and host family’s to keep everyone in our group in the loop on the happenings of the cluster.

To actively participate in the meetings au pair’s are required to confirm their attendance via out cluster Facebook page.

Sample Agenda

  • Introduce Mr. Duck!
  • Hello from Around the World!
  • Welcome New Au Pairs
  • Celebrate Birthdays
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Distribution of Monthly Kids Calendar
  • Insurance Review and paperwork minutes
  • Reminder for Monthly Au Pair Webinar Training Classes
  • Back to School Tips and How to Manage Homework
  • Review next month Cluster Meetings
  • Question/Answer Session
  • One on One with Session Counselor

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