How to survive in this Winter Wonderland!

Winter - Michael Hodge

From Dominique Ortiz, Community Counselor in Arlington, VA:

A is for Art- try drawing, painting. gluing or modeling with clay

B is for Baking-make a special dessert for dinner

C is for Cocoa-mix some up to warm up, cool slightly to serve

D is for Dance-put on a lively tape

E is for  Exercise- try to do something active everyday

F is for  Friends-invite some over

G is for Greenhouse-stop to smell the flowers

H is for House-make one from a large appliance box

I is for Ice skating-find a public indoor or out rink

J is for Jigsaw puzzle- try making your own from magazine pictures

K is for Kazoo- make your own marching band instruments and have a parade

L is for Library- borrow some book to read- look for The Snowy Day by Keats

M is for Movie-make or watch one

N is for Necklace- make one with noodles, or fruit loops with licorice

O is for Ocean- put out beach towels wear a bathing suit and pretend to be there

P is for Puppets-make them with old socks and paper bags

Q is for Quiet time-everyone need one daily

R is for Reading aloud- do this everyday

S is for Seeds & Suet-feed and watch the birds and see how many you already know

T is for Tent-make one from blanket and chairs

U is for Unplugged-do a day without TV

V is for  Variety- try something new every day

W is for Walk-take one in any weather

X is for X marks the spot-hide a treat and create a treasure hunt with a map

Y is for Year- make a calendar or scrapbook

Z is for Zoo-visit the animals or make your own zoo with stuffed animals and blocks

Photo by Michael Hodge