International Drum Month

8503154320_15c4903630Use an empty coffee can or oatmeal container as a drum and bang on it along with some lively music.

~Make a drum!

Here are instructions (from for a drum experiment for school age children. Younger children like to use a coffee cans or pots as drums.
1. First get a container that you think will make a good drum, like a metal bowl or an oatmeal container.
2. Put the double-sided tape all the way around the container 2 inches from the top.
3. Cut 2 pieces of shrink-wrap big enough to cover the tape on the container. Then, push it onto the tape.
4. Tape the edges of the shrink-wrap with masking tape so it’s really secure.
5. Now blow-dry the shrink-wrap with a blow dryer set on hot. This shrinks the plastic and makes a very tight drum. Be sure you don’t put the end of the blow dryer to close to the plastic, or it will melt.
6. Once it’s really tight, bang your drum.

Photo: Thomas Kohler