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Visit to the Beach

On a beautiful day in August, our au pair cluster went to Nahant beach.  It was nice for the summer arrivals to meet each other and more seasoned au pairs. It helps them adapt more easily after they have left their families and friend network to come to a new country.

We welcomed Laura B, Laura L, Victoria, Shiran, and Jaqueline.  We said good-bye to Tifaine who moved to another host family.

For more photos, visit beach 2014

Au Pair Barbecue

This month, we met at my house for a barbecue.  Since it is summer, there were many good-byes and some hellos.  We said good-bye to Melissa, Tazmyn, Natalia, Audrey, Liz and Priscilla.   Good luck to you all with your future endeavors!  We said hello to Londeka and Miriam, who had just arrived to the area that week.   It was nice to see them start making connections with other au pairs.  They also benefited from advice and feedback from the more seasoned au pairs.

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Au Pairs Canoe and Picnic in Historic Concord

What a fun event our annual canoeing and picnic was again this June!  For our cluster meeting, we met up with 2 other clusters at the South Bridge boat house.  From there, au pairs canoed to the North Bridge, where counselors had prepared a picnic with fruit, brownies and lemonade.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for our event.

Summer is a big time for good-byes.  We said good-bye to Julia, Junika, Jenni, Khim and Lucie.  We wish you all the best for your future!   We welcomed Veronika into our cluster.

For more photos please visit Concord 2014

Au Pair Breakfast

In May, we congregated at my house for breakfast.  It was a beautiful day and we could sit outside in the backyard. Some au pairs even brought their children along.  These meetings at my house are always a great opportunity for au pairs to sit together, bond, and talk about their lives as au pairs.

The meeting provided a wonderful opportunity for me to check in with each of them to see how they are doing.   We also took care of some end of the year business by discussing their last meetings and providing me with proof of their education.

We said good-bye to Yann Ling who will leave us soon to go back to Malaysia.  We also said good-bye to Kathrin who moved to Connecticut.

For more photos please visit May Breakfast

October Cluster Meeting

For October, I had planned a fun host family and au pair picnic at Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow.  Unfortunately, that had to be cancelled due to rain.   We had the au pair meeting at my house instead.   In true fall fashion, we had apple cider donuts and apple cider.  We also had a good-bye cake, saying our official good-byes to Lilly, Ning and Allegra who are leaving our cluster the next month.

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Boston Au Pairs visit Harvard University

This is one of my favorite regional events that we offer for our Boston area au pairs:  a Harvard University tour.   Counselor Patti Estabrook organized it this year and almost 100 au pairs showed up on a beautiful fall day.

Au pairs learned about student life and the diversity of one Americas oldest and most prestigious schools.  Tour guides provided historical facts and stories.  Did you know that the statue of John Harvard (which by the way is not John Harvard, but a student who was asked to model, in the absence of any known pictures of John) is the 3rd most photographed statue in the country?

For more photos, please visit Harvard Tour 2013.

Au Pairs visit Nahant Beach

We had a lovely afternoon at Nahant Beach last Saturday.  The weather was just perfect!  Summer is usually a time when a lot of my au pairs are traveling, but we still had a fairly big group.

This cluster meeting gave my new arrivals the chance to meet other au pairs from my group.    A couple of them had just arrived 2 days ago.   It was a nice mixture of new and more seasoned au pairs.  A lot of connections were made and phone numbers exchanged.

Welcome all newcomers!

For more photos of our meeting, please go to August 2013.

Au Pairs learn about self-defense

This month we joined another cluster for a self-defense class with “Not Me” (www.not-me.org) .   We gathered at Panera Bread in Lexington.   Au pairs learned that healthy boundary setting is the first step toward defending yourself.   Presenters Erik, Lisa and Melissa talked about their own experiences with boundary setting and talked au pairs through situations they might encounter.   It was helpful to hear the signals we give to others unknowingly that indicate if we are an easy target or not.

We also discussed summer safety with children of different ages.  This is an important component of the au pair program that aims at providing safe, quality childcare to our host families.

After the class, we said good-bye to Natalia who finishes her year next month and will go back to Costa Rica.  We also said good-bye to Dennis who is moving to another Boston cluster.  Good luck with your future endeavors!

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