Winter Wonderland-

With the weather taking another turn for the worse, you will have plenty of time with your kids. Hope these ideas help…..

Here are some helpful tips on activities for au pairs on cold, snowy or rainy days at home with the children.

Listen to Music and Dance Day
Don’t let the rain or snow stop you from being active. Put on a lively tape and dance around the house today.  Show the children some traditional dance moves from your country!

Tea Party Day

Mix up some warm cocoa or milk and invite the dolls or stuffed animals for a tea party

Art Day
Make today an art day – try drawing, painting, creating with glue or clay.

Make a necklace today– use a licorice “shoelace” (the really long thin ones) and cereal for young children and then they can eat the whole thing.  For something less sticky, use string instead of the licorice.

Puzzle Day

Do a puzzle or make one of your own. Find a fun picture in a magazine and glue it to lightweight cardboard. Cut into shapes.

Make a Pie

Pies are popular every day and are easy to make if you buy a prepared crust in the freezer or dairy section of the grocery store. Try this easy recipe;

Chocolate Pie

Purchase pre-made pie shell and Jell-O instant chocolate pudding.  Prepare pie shell per directions.  Let cool.  Prepare pudding, pour into pie shell, let set for an hour and voila!  Dessert is served!

Rubber stamps and stamp pads are fun, but for a change try sponge and some kitchen utensils or cut shapes into a potato, apple, or orange. You could even let the child dip his or her hand into some water-based paint to make great pictures.

Treasure Hunt!
Pretend you are all on a desert island looking for treasure. Make a map or place clues around the house leading the children through the hunt. This can be done with pictures for non-readers – draw a picture of the television, then at the television place a picture of the stove. At the stove place a picture of a bed, and so on to the end. The “treasure” can be a treat to eat, or a new game to play.   Read books about pirates to add to the fun.

Make a fort today

Use blankets and couch cushions to make a fort and play inside.  Don’t forge to put everything away!

Make a picture frame
Glue 4 Popsicle sticks (available in craft departments) in a square to make a frame. Decorate the frame with glitter, lace, yarn, feathers, stickers, confetti or whatever you have on hand. Mount a picture from the back and be sure to date it! You can also
glue a magnet on from the back so that the picture can hang on the refrigerator. (This activity is suitable for children 3 and older)

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