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Earthquakes for Kids

Given the recent earthquake that our area experienced yesterday it may be a wonderful opportunity to teach our children the science behind what happens.  This site ( offers some great suggestions on cool earthquake facts, puzzles, science fair project ideas, learning links and photos of recent earthquakes.  Enjoy spending time with your children while you learn something new as well!

School is Opening for Many Host Children!

Some of our aupairs have kids in school  right now; for others, school will be  opening  very soon.  Here is a Back to School list!

If your child/children take the school bus to and from school, make sure you  know how the bus system works

Be careful  of bus lines if you drop off/pick up the children.

Pack healthy lunches. Make sure you seek the advise of your host family as to what to pack each day.

Have a place  where  all notes, papers etc sent to and from the school go in the home. Make  sure your host family sees all paperwork.

Can you help with homework? Talk to your host family about your ability to supervise homework.

Time Capsule Fair Has Been Canceled

Due to the severe weather from Hurricane Irene that is anticipated on Saturday, the event will be be canceled.

If you created a time capsule to take part, please contact me (contact info. below) to arrange to receive your goody bag.

time capsule

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of Au Pair in America, we are sponsoring a time capsule fair. Families are invited to create a family time capsule and participate. Guests are also welcome to come see the time capsules on display, vote for their favorite and participate in the other family activities.

This will be a Fun Family Event featuring…

  • Time Capsule Fair
  • Story Times
  • Back to School Organization Tips for Parents
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Coloring & Crafts
  • Door Prize Drawings

A Time Capsule is a container that includes items and information that share what it was like to live in a particular period of time. After the time capsule fair, you can seal up your capsule and mark it “Not to be opened until 2036.” It could be buried or just tucked away in your attic. It will be a lot of fun looking back at the items 25 years from now!

Download a Complete Time Capsule Activity Plan HERE

Time Capsule Fair Rules:

  • Register HERE online (preferred) or the day of the event.
  • You may use any container and include whatever items you choose.
  • You may work together as a family to create one family time capsule or each child may create and enter their own.
  • Each entry will have a 2’ x 2 1/2’ table space to display their time capsule and it’s contents.
  • Backboards are allowed, but not required.
  • Each family who enters the time capsule will receive a gift bag.
  • Time capsules should be checked in and set-up between 1:00 and 2:00 PM to be included.
  • Judging will take place at 2:30 PM.
  • Award presentations and prize drawings will be held at 2:45 PM.
  • If you want to take your time capsule home, it needs to be picked up by 3:30 PM.

For more information, please call Christine Connally at 301-860-1314 or email at cicaupair @ (without the spaces.)