Tour of the Nation's Capitol

On April 14th, four clusters from Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia and N. Virginia participated in a tour of the Nation’s Capitol.  The US Capitol is the most widely recognized symbol of democratic government in the world. It has housed Congress since 1800.  The Capitol is where Congress meets to write the laws of this nation, and where presidents are inaugurated and deliver their State of the Union messages.  For more than two centuries, the Capitol has grown along with the nation, adding new wings to accommodate the increasing number of senators and representatives as new states entered the Union.  Its ceilings are decorated with historic images, and its halls are lined with statutes and paintings representing great events and people from the nation’s history.  The Rotunda is the heart and center of the Capitol.  Although it serves no legislative function, it is a ceremonial space where state funerals have been held since the time of Abraham Lincoln, for presidents, members of Congress, military heroes, and eminent citizens.  Visiting heads of state and special guests are often received in the Rotunda, and many historic events have been celebrated there.  It was a wonderful experience for our au pairs to learn the history of this beautiful building and gain a better appreciation of how our system of government works.

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