Education – Auditing

When it comes to the Education requirement, au pairs can be confused by the phrase “not less than six semester hours of academic credit OR its equivalent.” What that means is that au pairs do not NEED to take credit classes. In fact, some colleges or universities will not allow J-1 visa holders to register for credit classes, as they “save” these for degree seeking students.

BUT au pairs can easily take non-credit or Continuing Studies classes. And some colleges and universities may allow them to “Audit” a credit class. This means that the au pair can sit in the class and do the assignments and take the tests but she will not get a grade for any work done, only a  “pass or fail”. The cost may or may not be less to audit a class. Each individual school will have its own policy. Au Pairs should consult with their Community Counselor to see which schools offer this option.

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