Education Matters

Education MattersWe are very proud of the ongoing training we offer our au pairs which provides further educational guidance on a wide range of topics. Our orientation trainers take great care to research and prepare the topics presented via Webinars to our au pairs once placed in the home of a host family.   Here is the list of what we have coming up:

October 15

8 pm               Nutrition. Good eating for you and your kids

9 pm               It’s Up to You. Making the most of your Au Pair year

10 pm             Activities to do with Preschoolers

October 29

11 am             Language Development: Birth and beyond

12 noon         Tantrums are no fun for anyone. Help, my kids are fighting again!

1 pm               American holidays: what they are, activities and getting through the holiday blues

November  11

8 pm               Managing play with more than one child

9 pm               Repatriation

10 pm             Feeling Sad or Stressed: Tips for gaining balance in your life

November 26

11 am             Help! My kids are fighting again

12 noon          Activities for School Age Kids

1 pm              Homesickness. Making it through

December 5

8 pm               Activities to do with Preschoolers

December 6

9 pm               Successfully communicating with your host family

December 9

10 am             Homework: Finding the right strategy for your child

December 15

9 pm               Homesickness. Making it through

10 pm             Toilet Training 101

December 17

8 pm               Tantrums are no fun for anyone

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