SuperBowl Sunday ~ Broncos vs the Seahawks

Super Bowl Sunday is an American tradition and a super doze of the American culture for any visitor to this country.

Every year there is a lot of hype leading up to the game and the day itself brings parties, barbecues, funny TV commercials and the half time show.  The game is the most watched television program of the year.  Although it is not a national American holiday there is a “holiday” type atmosphere across the country on Super Bowl Sunday.   Families and friends gather together, consume a lot of food and enjoy watching the game on TV, in sports bars or other public venues.  Most au pairs will be experiencing it for the first time this weekend.  Here are some fun facts:

  • Kickoff is scheduled for 6:25 Eastern Time  on Feb. 2 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Average list price for a ticket is $3,449 ~ much more cost effective to watch at home!
  • Typically people eat buffet style on Super Bowl Sunday and enjoy such snacks as pizza, buffalo wings, chili, potato chips and dips
  • The Broncos’ seventh Super Bowl appearance ties the New England Patriots for third most all-time (the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have the most at 8). A loss would be record fifth for the Broncos.
  • The Seahawks are making their second Super Bowl appearance. They lost Super Bowl XL after the 2005 season to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Many Seahawks fans still think the refs gifted the game to the Steelers.
  • Stores are usually extremely quiet during the game and water usage across the country increases at half time when fans head to the restroom!
  • The George Washington Bridge in New York is lit up in both team colors
  • Players on the winning team earn $92,000. The losers make do with $46,000.
  • One 30 second commercial cost between over 3 million dollars
  • Bruno Mars is the featured artist for the halftime show. He has sold 10 million records in just three years and he had the two biggest hits of 2011 as both “Just The Way You Are” and “Grenade” were the only singles of the year with more than 10 million digital downloads. He was nominated for four Grammy Awards this year and picked up one trophy for Best Pop Vocal Album.
  • Betting is one of the engines that makes the NFL go, and the Super Bowl is the most bet on sporting event annually in Nevada. Last year, a record $99 million was bet legally. Of course millions more are bet illegally.

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