Au Pairs and their children enjoy reading books at The JNP Project

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In the month of July au pairs from Au Pair in America and their children met in downtown Annapolis at The JNP Project for a private story time.  Jane & Jake and all the undersea characters from Awesome were introduced to the children and they had a blast, and DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!  The JNP Project™ [Jane Not Plain] is a movement nurturing character, courage, and confidence (healthy inner awesome self-esteem) in all boys and girls (5-12+), while helping them discover and make choices from their inner awesome!  We had so much fun reading, coloring, dancing, singing and exploring the first adventure that we plan on meeting here once a month for coffee and reading time.  The great thing was that the children remembered the story from the previous month and couldn’t wait to move onto the next book!  The JNP Project offers many on-line activities for childcare providers to engage with the children under their charge.  For more information on this great day visit

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