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What to do with all these pumpkins!?!?!

halloween pumpkinWhether you have one or several pumpkins at your house by now, you may want to transform them from simple orange balls into something scary, funny, or otherwise creative. Open this link http://www.pumpkinmasters.com/free-patterns.asp and you’ll find many inspiring designs. Find one you like and then can print it out, tape it to your pumpkin and carve out the design. Be sure to have lots of paper underneath to catch all the inside flesh of the pumpkin that you’ll scoop out, and of course be careful with your knife! When you are done, you can put a tea light candle in the bottom of the pumpkin and display it at nighttime in the front of your house. Voila! This is a “jack o’lantern”.

Queen Anne Farm Pumpkin Patch

DSC_0135 Though the weather was a bit cloudy it was perfect for coming out to Queen Anne Farm in Mitchellville where the pumpkins were many, the sunflowers were in bloom and the company was delightful!  For many au pairs it is truly an experience to be in the United States during this time of year.  Au pairs get to partake in the excitement of the season as they watch their children get ready for Halloween ~ hayrides, selecting the perfect pumpkin and later carving them and then of course … trick or treating with the little ones!  Great memories unique to America.

Halloween Safety

Every Halloween night, a chill fills the air as little ghouls and ghosts take to the streets for a night of Trick-or-Treating. Halloween is a time for frights and fun, but is also a time when parents and children should focus on safety.

Tips for a safe Halloween

Remember to follow these safety tips to help ensure you and your “Trick-or-Treaters” have a safe and enjoyable experience this year:

  • Wear bright clothing or reflective gear; Carry a flashlight if out after dark;
  • Know the route that your children will be taking if you aren’t going with them;
  • Younger children should go with adults: at least a 4:1 ratio is preferable;
  • If possible, give your kids a cell phone and check in with them at specified intervals;
  • Have an understood time for everyone to be home;
  • Explain the difference between a “trick” and “vandalism.” This is also another good opportunity to discuss peer pressure. More often than not, kids participate in acts that they know are wrong because a “friend” led the way.