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September 2, Labor Day

September 2 -Labor Day – Labor Day is the first
Monday in September and was first celebrated in the United States on September
5, 1882 as a trade union holiday.  Now
Labor Day is seen as the end of summer and the beginning of school for many
students. The day is often celebrated with picnics, sporting events and

Surprise your friends and family this year with some interesting Labor Day facts and trivia that you may have not known before.

The first Labor Day Parade held in the U.S. was on September 5, 1882, in New York City. The first week in September was  chosen by workers because it was in the middle of Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

The first Monday of every September was designated as a national holiday by a law signed by President Grover Cleveland. The national holiday has been celebrated in the U.S. and Canada since 1894.

In European countries and China, workers celebrate May Day on the first day in May to celebrate workers and labor unions.

Here’s wishing all host families and au pairs a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend 2013!


August 15 Celebrate the Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad

In 1870 the last spike was nailed to complete the coast-to-coast railroad.  This train track helped to open up the western area of the US to development.  Trains still hold a fascination – whether it is Thomas the Tank, Brio or electric trains, children love to build tracks.

Baltimore has a wonderful Train Museum. Check it out on www.borail.org and look for the Calendar of Events under Kids’ Zone.