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Transitioning to a new au pair

Full version is at http://aupairinamerica.com/resources/host_family_tips/transtioning.asp>

Here are some things to think about which might help everyone in your household prepare for your au pair’s departure:

~Young children perceive time differently than adults. Therefore, your preparation for the departure should not begin too far in advance.

~Discuss the possibility of staying in touch with letters, e-mail, or even pictures if your child does not write. Be sure you have the au pair’s address, and make plans to write.

~Create a small photo album for your children to look at. After your au pair leaves this can hold important memories for them.

~Make sure there is an opportunity to say good-bye. Make it clear when it will be the last time your children will be seeing the au pair.

~If you are having another au pair arrive, discuss the arrival plans with your child.