Summer & Water Safety Meeting for Au Pairs

Cindy Garruba’s Suffolk County Au Pairs learned about WATER & SUMMER SAFETY to prepare for childcare this summer with their host children on Long Island!  Though it was a bit cloudy and cool, the au pairs enjoyed the Northville beach and the heated pool. 

006Cindy taught the au pairs to recognize poison ivy to prevent exposure, and what to do if unfortunately a child or the au pair develop the rash. Everyone agreed sunscreen and avoiding the peak sun is very important.  We discussed prevention tips and what to do if someone gets a sunburn.  We even discussed deer ticks, lymes disease, splinters, and basic first aid.

We reviewed the ways to keep children safe around pools and on the beach.  EVERY AU PAIR IN SUFFOLK COUNTY WILL BE ON THE BEACH OR IN A POOL THIS SUMMER.  Water safety is essential for good childcare this summer.  Josi and Kristina really enjoyed the pool and know the importance of water safety!!

  • 007The most important lesson for the day was that everyone must learn how to swim. 
  •  Never take your eyes off the kids around water
  • At the beach, swim near the lifeguard, but still keep your eyes on the kids, the lifeguard is there for emergencies!
  • Keep a phone outside near the pool for emergencies.
  • Learn Red Cross CPR – Au Pair in America gives scholarships for Red Cross classes!
  • Keep access to pools locked when not in use this includes doors from the house and gates to the back yard.
  •  No running around pools!
  • No diving in shallow water
  • Keep life saving equipment in pool area – poles & flotation devices
  • Tubes and lifejackets on children are not substitues for adult supervision
  • Keep toys out of and away from the pool when not in use, children might follow them into the water!
  • If a child is missing, check the pool first!!!!

008The au pairs had time to socialize with each other.  We talked about some upcoming summer activities including going to a see Mary Poppins on Broadway in July and to a Long Island Ducks Baseball game in August.  It is Strawberry Season on Long Island and Cindy served some strawberry shortcake and the au pairs loved it.  She encouraged them to visit the farms this season to pick your own berries or just go to the farm stands to buy fresh fruit and vegetables this summer.  There are some Strawberry Festivals in Suffolk County.  Cindy’s favorite is the Mattituck Strawberry Festival.  This year it is June 17, 18 & 19.





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