The School Bus Stop Safety


School Starts Now – Be Safe at the Bus Stop

  1. Be on time to the bus stop so that you and your host kids get there safely
  2. Walk and hold hands to the stop
  3. Stand on the sidewalk or the the grass, not in the street
  4. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before the children walk to the door
  5. Let the bus driver open the door, do not push it, wait
  6. Remind the children to sit on the bus and not stand, if there are seat belts, tell them to put them on.
  7. Let the bus leave before you do, just in case there is a problem
  8. Be at the afternoon return bus stop in plenty of time, before it comes
  9. The driver is not allowed to let small children off the bus unless someone greets them, so if you are not there the children will be taken back to school.  BE THERE.
  10. The bus driver will not leave until you are safely on your side of the street, so if you need to cross the street, do it in front of the bus!! 

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