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Au Pairs Prepare for the Holidays

Nov AP meeting 498Sunday, November 13 the Suffolk Cluster of Au Pair in America began preparing for the upcoming holiday season in the USA. 

Senior Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba began the meeting by discussing what holidays are celebrated in the USA.  She explained why we celebrate Thanksgiving and how important the holiday is for all Americans.  She then continued the discussion with conversations on the holidays their families may be celebrating, Hanakkuh, Christmas and New Year’s.  There was a discussion on childcare during this happy, but very hectic season. 

Nov AP meeting 497The au pairs divided into small groups to discuss childcare challenges by age group.  Then they came together to discuss the best ways to deal with these challenges.  Cindy emphasized using each other as resources for how to deal with situations.   Holiday childcare can bring on tired, over excited behaviors and it is important to minimize stress during this season with their host children.

Nov AP meeting 496We also discussed being homesick at this time of year, best ways to deal with missing family and friends.  Cindy encouraged the au pairs to bring some of their holiday traditions into their host families celebrations.  Then the au pairs decorated ornaments to be hung on a Au Pair in America Holiday Tree in Stony Brook Village Promenade of Trees.  The meeting concluded with pumpkin pie and apple cider.  The au pairs enjoyed the Thanksgiving dessert and spending time with each other.

Host Mom writes a Poem to her Au Pair


ChelseaThe new au pair had just arrived.
The following day, I went outside.
And on the backyard deck, I saw something was amiss.
All our crocs were lined up neatly…
    Who had done this?
The kids? No way! The hubby? Couldn’t be.
Oh My God!!! It must be Chelsea!
I confronted her about it.
She said she tidies all the time.
She asked if that was ok..(chuckle)
Oh honey, we’re gonna get along just fine!!!!
2 rules for the children. No sugar no tv.
And what did she say? “Works great for me!”
She is caring, sweet and truly kind.
That family in NYC missed out! This girl is a find!
So vivacious and full of life, the kids adore her!
So neat and clean, germs and dirt abhor her!
A modern day Mary Poppins, singing while she works.
Performing for the children, dance parties to Firework.
Every morning she greets us with her beautiful smile.
Going with the flow and always going that extra mile.
Ballet carpools, making lunch, Bodhi’s cloth diapers full of poop.
She goes above and beyond daily. Walking the puppy and closing the coop!
Every task she undertakes, she performs with care.
And if my clothes are in the dryer, she’ll even fold my underwear. 🙂
In this crazy fast paced world with our crazy schedules and busy life.
She is better than the best au pair…. She is like having my own wife!
Chelsea- for the beautiful spirit that you are and for all that you do.
November is also the month of gratitude- and I’m so grateful for you.