Cindy’s Long Island Au Pair Photo Challenge

photo contest

            There are some unique attractions in Suffolk County Long Island to find and for you to take a picture with for your memory books!  Get to know Suffolk County better and see some of it’s most unusual places!


            My challenge is for you to find as many as you can and email me the pictures. 


Each Au Pair who takes a picture of themselves with every attraction on the list will be entered in a drawing for $50!         1 winner


Everyone who enters at least 5 pictures will be entered in a drawing for $25!     2 winners


You must be in the picture wearing your Au Pair in America   T-shirt with the attraction!! 


All pictures must be emailed to me by May 18th!


Look at the right of this blog under Long Island Info to find out the location and more information about each attraction!


  • Grumman Memorial F-14 Tomcat

  • Hercules Statue

  • Raceway Giant Native American Statue

  • SB Post Office Eagle

  • The Big Duck

  • The Smithtown Bull

  • The Star Gazer

  • Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial at Bald Hill

  • Wick’s Farm Giant Witch

  • Casa Basso Restaurant

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