Summer & Water Safety for Au Pairs

June Cluster Meeting 2012 018 webOn Sunday, June 3rd the Suffolk APIA Au Pairs gathered at their Community Counselor’s beach house to learn about Summer & Water Safety.  


Water Safety was the most important topic of discussion since almost every au pair will be caring for children with a pool in the back yard or going to the beach with the kids this summer! Also covered was sunscreen and sunburns, poison ivy, and ticks.  The au pairs learned how to identify, prevent and treat poison ivy.  Every yard in Suffolk County has a little poison ivy.  We are all concerned with Lyme disease, so the discussion covered identifying the types of ticks that carry the disease, the bull’s eye rash and the flu like symptoms that result from Lyme disease. 


June Cluster Meeting 2012 016Everyone also had a chance to enjoy the beautiful Long Island Sound beach and spend time with each other.  New friends arriving, old friends nearing their time to return home to their countries!June Cluster Meeting 2012 013 web





Cindy served strawberry shortcake after the lesson was over.  It is strawberry season here on Long Island and everyone enjoyed the dessert!June Cluster Meeting 2012 008 webJune Cluster Meeting 2012 010 web

June Cluster Meeting 2012 011 web

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