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Chinese New Year begins January 31!


Happy Year of the Horse 2014!

Chinese New Year starts today!  It is the year of the horse.  Budda said people born in the Year of the Horse are cheerful, skillful with money, perceptive, witty, talented and good with their hands.

Wear red for good luck to start the Chinese New Year!

There are events all over Suffolk County Celebrating Chinese New Year and even more in NYC!

Au Pairs Enjoy Islanders Ice Hockey Game


1534296_10152212488893792_1132362944_nLast Saturday the Long Island Au Pair in America Clusters enjoyed the Islanders ice hockey game at Nassau Coliseum.  Every month the au pairs are offered either a cultural activity or childcare-safety meeting with their Community Counselor.  The Islanders lost, but the au pairs enjoyed the experience of watching an American professional sports team play.  The fans are fun to be around, and the au pairs got into the excitement of the crowd!

Boston Globe Article on Au Pair in America

Helping au pairs feel right at home in US

Beat the Post Holiday & Winter Blues Tips for Au Pairs

5_ways_to_overcome_the_winter_bluesAfter the decorations are put away, the celebrations are over, the New Year has begun: and the post holiday winter blues are starting to hit you and your host family.  What can you do to get through the long cold winter months happily?

  1. Get outside every day with the kids, bundle up and play outside.  Go to the park, take a walk, ride bikes; we have been having an unusually warm winter, so enjoy it!  If it snows, build a snowman, go sledding, have fun outside!
  2. Stay on routine with the kids; get up on time, have breakfast, get to the bus stop on time.  Make sure homework is done and everyone gets to their activities on time.  Bedtime routines are important, make sure everyone gets enough sleep and that includes YOU!
  3. Register for your classes, and get ready to start learning something new!
  4. Call a friend and meet for coffee and conversation if you feel housebound.
  5. Set up a play date with another au pair and her host children (similar ages) and enjoy a day together!
  6. Join a gym with another au pair!
  7. Use the library in your town.  Sign the kids up for free programs (talk to host parents about the programs!)  Join the English conversation group, improve your English and meet people!
  8. Prepare a Global Awareness presentation for one of your host kids’ classes, ask me for help!
  9. Volunteer at a local hospital, school, animal shelter, food bank if you have extra time on your hands and need to do something!  Doing for others is always an answer for the blues!!
  10. Come to our next cluster meetings.  There is a Mandatory meeting on February 9th!!