Super Bowl Sunday Fun for Au Pairs & Host Families

Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 2nd!

Check out:

Your Host Family will probably be watching, even if only for half time and for the exciting new commercials!

  • There is a simple explanation of American Football for au pairs on the APIA website:     
  • Even if football is not something you enjoy, the commercials are amazing!  Advertisers pay about  $30 million dollars for a 30 second commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl, so expect great commercials!  People will be talking about the commercials as much as the game!
  • Great entertainment during halftime!

wall-football-games-photo-260-FF1108EFA13 Football Fun with Kids

Before putting anything on the walls, ask your host family if it OK!!

Wall Football – Football version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey

·         Poster board
·         Brown card stock or construction paper
·         White marker
·         Poster tacks
·         Blindfold


  1. For the game pieces, first create a goal post from two-inch-wide strips of poster board. (The uprights and the crossbar are each 20 inches long, and the post is 6 inches tall.) We attached ours to the wall using poster tack.
  2. For the footballs, cut 5-inch-long shapes out of brown card stock. We found some in the scrapbook aisle of our craft store that looks like football leather. Use a white opaque paint marker to decorate and add players’ names to the footballs. Put a blob of poster tack on the back of each one.
  3. Players line up about six feet away from the goal. One at a time, each player is blindfolded, spun around three times by another person, and set loose to try to stick their football between the uprights. (No reaching out your empty hand to feel the wall.) Play several rounds with 3 points awarded for each field goal. Highest score wins.

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