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Water & Summer Safety Cluster Meeting


20160612_144409_resizedThis Sunday, June 12th the Suffolk County Au Pair in America Cluster learned about Water & Summer Safety.  The meeting was held on a deck overlooking the beautiful Long Island Sound.  It was a very windy day, the water was too rough to swim, but the au pairs learned about being safe around the water from their Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba, who was a swim instructor and lifeguard.

20160612_145345_resizedThey also learned about prevention and treatment of sunburn by how to use sunscreen and when to avoid the sun.  Also covered was identifying poison ivy, preventing exposure and what to do if a rash occurs.  We discussed ticks and Lyme disease.  We also discussed playground safety, and basic first aid.

20160612_145356_resizedA former au pair, Nikoleta Todtova, from Slovakia, talked about her time as an au pair, returning home and then returning to the USA with a student visa several years later.  She is currently attending a local college with a 4.0 average!

20160612_154839_resizedCindy presented Alessia  Agistri with a good bye gift and education completion certificate because she is finishing her 2 years as an Au Pair with APIA!

We finished the meeting with local strawberries on shortcake with cream.  Everyone had time to socialize before heading home.

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