Trek America Cluster Meeting

Travel and adventure awaits young women when they come to America with Au Pair in America.  Trek America offers APIA au pairs 20% off their trips throughout North America!

Trek America guide Julie Patterson, comes fresh from an incredible season on the road, full of stories and enthusiasm to get au pairs out of their comfort zone and travel the incredible North American continent!

The au pairs listened intently to all the great trips offered.  Great camping and hotel trips are available.  Small groups travel together and everyone has a unique experience.Community Counselors, Cindy Garruba and Kristi Halpern invite Trek America every year to one of the cluster meetings.  Cindy and Kristi also presented some tips on pedestrian safety and preventing distracted driving.  Every quarter all Au Pair in America counselors teach their au pairs safety or childcare tips.

Refreshments were served, too.  All the au pairs had a chance to ask questions and to socialize with each other. Cluster meetings provide au pairs a chance to make new friends every month!

Next month the Long Island clusters will be see SpongeBob the Musical on Broadway!



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