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Brazilian Au Pair Shares Her Culture with Kindegarten Students

WIN_20140516_141411 (2)Susette Araujo Sousa from Brazil visited Minnesauke Elementary School to share her culture with her host child’s Kindergarten class.  Mrs. Sheridan welcomed her and the students were excited to listen and learn!

WIN_20140516_141511 (2)Susette showed off the Brazilian flag colors and explained their meanings.  Green for the earth, gold for the minerals and blue for the sky!

She talked about Brazil’s pride in the World Cup and lots of the students talked about playing soccer!

brigaderosThe children loved the brigadeiros that Susette brought to share!

WIN_20140516_142504 (2)

Singing Au Pair Ariane Galvan

Ariane Galvan from Brazil is an Au Pair with Pair in America.  Ariane, also known as Ane, is with a host family in Sag Harbor, NY.  Like most au pairs, she loves NYC!   She also loves to play guitar and sing!  Here is Ariane Galvan singing New York, New York! 

Note from a Former Au Pair

This was a note sent to me from former au pair Jhessy Esgoti from Brazil:

jessy esgote“I am sending you this email just to let you know how things are.  It’s gonna be almost 6 months that I came back to Brazil and I still have the feeling that part of me is in the USA.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll have this feeling forever. I’m very happy that I came back as I’m with my family, friends and boyfriend (we got engaged in August).  I’m working as an English teacher at a language school and I’m also doing a master course in Linguistics.  I have nothing to complain about, but I miss my American family and au pair friends. 

I talk to my host mom and the kids almost twice or three times a month by Skype….it’s wonderful!! I’m very thankful for the au pair program, and to my counselor and host family.  I had the best family….the best friends…the best time of my life.  Thanks for everything!!

I just want that you to tell other au pairs that sometimes maybe they think about giving up… but tell them that it’s worth it in the end!!  It’s the most wonderful experience in a person’s life….

 I loved the courses that I did, the places that I visited, the friends that I made, the time that I spent with my family….and I grew up too…. It’s a life changing experience!!!”