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Au Pair in America Scarecrow in Stony Brook Village


Klara and Melanie from Germany with Corrina from South Africa

Every October Stony Brook Village has a scarecrow contest.  Suffolk County Cluster of Au Pair in America entered our scarecrows.  An au pair with her 2 scarecrow host kids. Corrina Moore, Melanie Oppe, Kara Hofmann and Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba had fun setting up the au pairs, dressing them all in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Go down to Stony Brook Village and see them in front of Fair Winds, near the post office.  You can vote for our scarecrows!  Ballots in the local stores.20151006_133425_HDR_resized20151006_133548_HDR_resized

New Year’s Eve in Times Square

What better way to welcome the New Year then to watch the ball drop in Times Square?  Many Au Pairs have watched the ball drop on TV in their countries and dream of being there in person.  Many Au Pairs from Suffolk County Au Pair in America ushered in the New Year 2012 on a warm night in NYC!

P1010747[1]Kristina Heinze says, “I spent with my friend and her parents new years eve in NYC at Times Square. We got tickets for the AMC theatre on 42nd street…they used the space there for parties…each floor a different party, different age group, different part of the society…to give you an idea: there was a family floor (which means also for kids…there was a age limit, so no babies, but still parents with kids),or there was a floor for the very very rich people (really expensive, prob best view to the ball of course) etc…  They opened the doors at 8 pm…we used the time to watch a movie inside the theatre which was also included in the price…around 10:45 pm we went outside, in front of the theatre…on 42nd street…we were able to see the ball! it was perfect! It is a really unique experience to wait with all the people there until midnight…everybody was cheering, talking, making noise…i really liked it. after midnight we walked closer to times square…confetti everywhere!!! in the air and on the street haha!  P1010746[1]




P1000174[1]Ana Rapljenović says, “I was on Times square for  New Year”s Eve with Dorcas Cristal.It was great.We came at 4 pm,and we were waiting 8 hours on the street.We met some other people and played with them some games like “Phone”…We were lucky because that day wether was great,it wasn”t cold..That would be really nice memory:))))”


Arzu Cheema says, “I went on New Years Eve to the Times Square. It was first a bit confusing because we din’t know where to go exactly. But when we were in our ”section” and it was okay. Because I was wearing  many clothes and it wasn’t that cold, I didn’t have any problems because of the weather. Then after waiting 5hours, the show started at 6pm. It was a bit sad that they just put the shows of the stars on one little screen on the Times Square. But all in all we had a good time and I would recommend this to everybody. It was nice that there were some pizza and drinks seller who walked around with their things in case you get really hungry or thirsty.”