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National Game and Puzzle Week

5368461966_c2c8d19dd9November 24-30 is National Game and Puzzle Week – Most children love to play games – ball games, card games, board games, word games, guessing games. Playing games is important because it helps children learn how to handle disappointment when they lose. It also helps them to l earn to take turns and how to follow rules. Play their favorites or teach them a new game from your childhood.

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5188351708_aa503de0e8Online Courses: As you prepare to register for classes that begin in January, remember, online courses do not meet the educational requirement for au pairs.  The only exception is the UCLA course, which is exclusive to Au Pair in America.

Open registration for all students begins tomorrow at NOVA:

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Self Defense Class


Last night our Au Pairs were able to go to the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Training Academy for a self defense class with 5 amazing Officers.

The program was based on realistic, common sense, safety precautions/practices, and strategies we can implement to stay safe and avoid confrontations. The officers highlighted day to day activities, and some simple precautions we can take to minimize being identified as a potential target.

We also discussed strategies and possible options (both verbal and physical) to reduce the possibility of injury in the event of a physical confrontation.

Everyone had a great time and learned many new tricks to stay safe!


November 11: Veteran’s Day

A day to honor American veterans of all wars, Veterans Day is a federal holiday

7081352589_8b5f0787ecBy , Guide:

Veterans Day was originally established to honor Americans who had served in World War I. The national holiday is celebrated on November 11, the anniversary of the day World War I ended in 1918. Today Veterans Day honors veterans of all wars for their patriotism and willingness to serve in the military and sacrifice for our country.

Veterans Day is a great time to visit the monuments and memorials in Washington, DC. Many of the memorials and a few other attractions around the region host special events in honor of America’s veterans. Washington DC does not host a parade in honor of Veterans Day. The main event in the nation’s capital is the observance at Arlington National Cemetery. (see the details below) Here is the schedule of events for 2013:

Arlington National Cemetery
November 11, 2013, 11 a.m. Across the Potomac from Washington at the west end of the Memorial Bridge, Arlington, Virginia. (703) 607-8000 This is the national Veterans day service with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Seating in the amphitheater is limited, so visitors should plan to arrive at least a half hour before the ceremony.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
November 11, 2013, 1 p.m. Constitution Avenue and Henry Bacon Dr. NW, Washington, DC. Color guard, speakers and a wreath-laying ceremony pay tribute to all who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War America’s other conflicts.

Click here for more events in DC

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ThanksNukkaH, when will it happen again?


From Cynthia Moody, Community Counselor in Nashville TN:

Now that Halloween is over, we are already talking about the holidays!  One in particular: Thanksgiving….

This year, Thanksgiving presents a very interesting fact for our generation…  since President Lincoln establish Thanksgiving in 1863, this is the first time that Hanukkah will start the day of Thanksgiving.  Mathematically speaking, this will not happen again for another 77,798 years!  The reason for this is because the Jewish calendar is very slowly getting out of sync with the solar calendar, at a rate of 4 days per 1000 years!

So, weather you are celebrating Thanksgiving or Hanukkah on November 28th 2013, just know and be proud to be a part of a very interesting history!


John Philip Sousa’s birthday

5819184201_df0392f0e7John Philip Sousa was born in 1854 and is famous for composing marches – classic American patriotic music. Make a marching band with the children and have a parade. Children love to make noise, and you don’t need fancy instruments. Try two pot lids as cymbals, a stick and an empty cardboard or plastic container as a drum. Sandpaper rubbed together makes a great noise too! Homemade flags or paper hats would dress up your parade even more.

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Sandwich Day

9077007776_701aed4812We invite you to bite into your favorite sandwich, for today is Sandwich Day. The sandwich is truly a great creation. Sandwiches are a daily staple for millions of Americans.  John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, is credited with inventing the sandwich when he put meat between two pieces of bread, while seated at a gambling table, thus allowing him to continue to play without being hungry.  Celebrate this special day by eating sandwiches at every meal!

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All Saints Day

9428033838_c3e759eda6A feast honoring all of the saints both known and unknown.

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