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Long Island Au Pairs go to Baseball Game

The Long Island Au Pair in America Clusters went to the LI Ducks baseball game.  Everyone had fun, the Community Counselors tried to explain the game to everyone, mostly the Au Pairs enjoyed cheering when the crowd cheered.  The whole crowd helped when the singer stumbled through the National Anthem.  It was a moving experience and fun to see how the whole crowd cheered the singer!  The 7th inning stretch included a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with the whole singing along.  It was a great American cultural experience for all the Au Pairs who come from all over the world to spend one or two years in the USA caring for children in a host family. 

From an Au Pair

I’m in NY now and went to Long Island last weekend to visit my former host family, and Iwas thinking of you.:) My host daddy and i talked about you that you are the best counseller!! Past two years has been all great more thanI hoped:) I hope we could keep in touch, Take care Cindy:):):)