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All American Past Time

Some of the Long Island Au Pairs went to the Long Island Ducks Baseball game this past weekend.DSCN1270

011What better way is there to spend a summer evening than watching the All American past time?  The Au Pairs got to experience the game up close at the family friendly Ducks Stadium.  The professional baseball team won the game, scored some home runs, and gave a great show to the au pairs for their first ever baseball game.  In between innings, there are silly contests with fans from the stands.  Sons tried to break water balloons over their dad’s heads, a father and son played bocce bowling, and even a karoke singer got a few cheers from the au pairs!  Everyone got enjoyed the antics of Quaker Jack the team mascot!  Quite a few foul balls were sent in our direction, but not close enough for any au pair to catch!
Aisha from Canada and Ella from South Africa with Quacker Jack!
Aisha from Canada and Ella from South Africa with Quacker Jack!

Long Island Au Pairs go to Baseball Game

The Long Island Au Pair in America Clusters went to the LI Ducks baseball game.  Everyone had fun, the Community Counselors tried to explain the game to everyone, mostly the Au Pairs enjoyed cheering when the crowd cheered.  The whole crowd helped when the singer stumbled through the National Anthem.  It was a moving experience and fun to see how the whole crowd cheered the singer!  The 7th inning stretch included a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with the whole singing along.  It was a great American cultural experience for all the Au Pairs who come from all over the world to spend one or two years in the USA caring for children in a host family. 

Our Cluster Enjoys Long Island and NYC

Canoeing in September on the Nissequoque River with Long Island Au Pair in America clusters!ap canoe 006ap canoe 004ap canoe 001

Canoe Group 2009

Canoe Group 2009

Summer fun at Cindy’s Beach house in Northville.  Also a great childcare lesson on water and summer safety!

Au Pairs at June meeting311316313

An “All American Experience”  = Au Pairs enjoy a Long Island Ducks Baseball Game

Au Pairs at Long Island Ducks Baseball Game282

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful May day with other Au Pair in America clusters.  Then we enjoyed shopping and great food in Chinatown and Little Italy!

Au Pairs on the Brooklyn Bridge