Happy New Year to all of our Thai au pairs, colleagues and friends,



Songkran (สงกรานต์) is the traditional Thai New Year water festival which starts on April 13 every year.  It is a national holiday in Thailand.

The festival lasts for 4 days. Maha Songkran Day is the first day of the celebrations which marks the end of the old year. April 14, Wan Nao is the day between the ending of the old year and the beginning of the New Year when foods are prepared for the temples. The third day of Songkran, April 15, is Wan Thaloeng Sok – the day on which the New Year begins and on the last day, Wan Parg-bpee, the ancestors and elders are honored.

Happy Songkran everyone!

 Read more about this special holiday at http://www.chiff.com/home_life/holiday/thai-songkran.htm

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