Easter Sunday is April 24th

easterEaster marks the most important religious celebration of the Christian faith. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which his followers believe occurred on the third day after his death. Unlike Christmas there is no fixed date for Easter, but it always falls on a Sunday (usually between late March and late April). Christians may commemorate this day according to their religious denomination; however the custom of sunrise service is quite common.

Over the centuries religious observances have been supplemented by popular customs, some having their origins in pre-Christian religions. Some of these customs were incorporated from springtime fertility celebrations of European and middle-eastern pagan religions, as a solute to spring marking re-birth. For instance, Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are considered to have their roots as pagan symbols for fertility.

Easter eggs are viewed as symbol of joy and celebration, and of new life and resurrection. Easter eggs, of both the hard-boiled and chocolate varieties are found around the world.

On Easter Sunday children hunt for brightly colored eggs around the houses believed to be left there by Easter Bunny.

easter-egg-huntSo color some hard boiled eggs (kits are available in all the drug stores, grocery stores and discount stores.) or get some plastic eggs and fill them with jelly beans, chocolates or coins.  Hide them in the house or in the yard, be creative, have fun and have a hunt with your kids.  Everyone will love it!

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