Welcoming New Arrivals and Saying Goodbye to Au Pairs Leaving

So many new people to welcome and so many great au pairs returning home to their countries!goodbye-hello-thumb-400x243-2010

It is so exciting to meet all the new au pairs arriving this summer.  August is a month filled with arrivals, but along with the arrivals are so many departures.  Before we move on to our new friends we bid farewell to many people we have grown to love.  Many of the au pairs who have been in the USA for 2 whole years, others for a year, but each of you will face some real challenges when you go home.

At first you will be greeted with welcome home parties with lots of your friends and family gathering to see you again.  The excitement will wear off and everyone will go back to their regular routines and expect you to do the same.  But you are different now!  You are experiencing some reverse culture shock!  You remember how it was in America, you might miss your independence, your favorite restaurant or store, your friends and your host family.  Just like when you came to America, you are feeling a bit homesick.  That will pass and your experiences will enrich your life, you will move on to the next challenges in your life.  You have grown a lot and soon you will be happily living your new life. 

As your Community Counselor, I will miss you and hope you stay in touch.  Facebook and emails are wonderful ways to stay connected.  I look forward to seeing all the great things in your future.  Stay on Cindy Garruba’s Au Pairs Facebook page!

Welcome to the Newly Arrived Au Pairs

Please call and email the new au pairs when they arrive.  You will get emails from me with their phone number and email address when they arrive from Orientation to their host family.  Remember how much you wanted to make friends when you first arrived and please welcome everyone!


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