Heart Expressions

In honor of Valentine’s Day, some heart idioms!  

Idiom definition:  an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but that has a separate meaning of its own.

  1. To have a heart of gold – to care about other people.
  2. To have a big heart – to be giving, caring.
  3. To be cold-hearted – lacking in sympathy.
  4. To wear your heart on your sleeve – to let everyone know how you feel about someone.
  5. To cross your heart and hope to die – to promise.
  6. To cry your heart out – to cry a lot and feel really badly about something.
  7. To eat your heart out – to be jealous of someone.
  8. From the bottom of your heart – to really mean something.
  9. To have a change of heart – to change of your mind. 
  10.  To have a heart – to be compassionate, to care about other people.
  11. To have your heart in your mouth – to be scared or nervous.
  12.  To have your heart set on something – to really want something.
  13. To set your heart at rest – stop worrying about something.
  14. To be soft hearted – to be sympathetic.
  15. To take something to heart – to have your feelings hurt by something someone says or does.

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