Host Families & Au Pairs Holiday Preparations!

1. Schools breaks during holidays; talk about how the work schedule will change during the holiday season.

2. Talk to your au pair about how you celebrate the holidays, ask her about how she celebrates, add au pair’s traditions into your holiday activities!

3. Talk to your au pair which activities you really want her to participate in if possible.

4. Discuss what time off she would like during the holiday season so you can put it on the schedule.  New Year’s Eve is usually very important to au pairs, if possible give her off – it may be her only one ever in the USA!

5. Gifts for your au pair are normally given by families; she will give some to you too, though I encourage crafts, books or games for her to give the kids.

6. Au Pairs will probably be a bit homesick this time of year, so be sensitive to her feelings.  Host families and au pairs will be stressed during the holiday season, be sensitive to each others’ feelings.

7. Try to keep the kids on as much of a regular schedule as possible.  Kids will get over tired and cranky if there are too many activities in one day or several days in a row.  Try to help limit the activities to a few a day or week.

8. Give kids downtime with quiet activities au pair can supervise, like reading a holiday story or watching a holiday DVD.

9. Make sure the kids get plenty of sleep.

10. Encourage your au pairs to participate in the kid’s school holiday activities; class party, concert, etc.

11. Encourage your au pair to do a Global Awareness presentation about holidays in their country in your kid’s classroom.  Introduce the au pair to the teacher.

12.  Enjoy the holidays and participate in Cluster Activities!

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