Au Pairs Meet about Hurricane Aftermath and Upcoming USA Holidays

On Sunday, Nov. 11 2012, Senior Community Counselor for Suffolk County, Cindy Garruba gathered the au pairs in her cluster together to discuss how Hurricane Sandy impacted them and to prepare them for the upcoming holiday season.

Nov cluster meeting 2 web

Some of the au pairs experienced no problems during the hurricane, they never lost power, had the internet and their host families functioned normally.  Others had to go to host families’ relatives houses to ride out the hurricane and the 2 weeks of no power, internet or phone.  One au pair shared that she and the host family’s grandmother slept on the couch, while the whole host family slept in Grandma’s bed.  She joked about the togetherness, but was very happy to back in the host family’s home again!  No one in the cluster was hurt and everyone now has power!  Some of the homes have some damage, trees are down in many yards, but everyone is fine.  Cindy said she is very grateful to her au pairs for their strength, courage, flexibility and all the love they give their host families.

After discussing the hurricane, the discussion moved on to American Holidays, childcare during the holidays, winter driving, staying healthy this winter and upcoming holiday activities for au paris and host families.  Along with all the important discussion, there was time to make ornaments for an International Tree for Stony Brook Village’s Promenade of Trees.  After all the conversation and projects, Cindy served the au pairs pumpkin pie to give them an early taste of Thanksgiving!

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