St. Patrick’s Day Parades!

Irish BrunaSt. Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17. This day marks the accepted date in 493 CE of St. Patrick’s death.  Here is a picture of Bruna, a Brazilian former Au Pair celebrating St. Patrick’s Day here in Suffolk County.

As St. Patrick is the figure most prominently associated with bringing Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland as a solemnity and holy day of obligation.  The day is marked with special liturgical programs and a breaking of Lenten fasts.

Few historical details are known about St. Patrick’s mission to Ireland, although innumerable popular legends are associated with his work and play a major role in Irish culture. The shamrock’s association with St. Patrick’s Day comes from the popular myth that says St. Patrick used the three leaves of the plant to explain Catholicism’s holy trinity to the Irish.

The holiday is also widely celebrated as a secular celebration of Irish culture. Cities around the world hold St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivals to mark the occasion, with many people participating in the “wearing of the green.” Popularized by Irish immigrant communities, festivities usually include traditional Irish food and drink such as corned beef and Guinness beer.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades 2013





Patchogue March 17 @ 12:30 PM Main Street – starts at Rte. 112


Rocky Point March 17 @ 1 PM

But be there early!!

Police close 25A at noon!!!  Get to your viewing spot early

Begins at 25A & Harrison Ave, Miller Place and continues East through Rocky Point on Broadway!
Hampton Bays March 23 @ 11 AM Starts at Hampton Bays Elementary School and west to Hampton Atrium parking lot.
St. James March 16 @ 1 PM Lake Avenue from Woodlawn to Railroad Avenue Contact parade chairperson Kerry Maher at the St. James Funeral Home at 631-584-5200.

Montauk March 17 @ 11:30 AM Edgemere Rd. then onto Main Street
NYC March 16 @ 11 AM The Parade starts at 44th Street at 11:00 am. The parade marches up Fifth Avenue past St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 50th Street to 79th Street, where the parade finishes at around 4:30 – 5:00 pm

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