June Tips for Host Families and Au Pairs

summerJune is such a busy month for host families and au pairs here in Suffolk County, Long Island.  School is still in session, but the kids are busy with lots of fun school activities like field day, school concerts and presentations.  Sports are in full swing; lacrosse, Little League, swim team, tennis, horse back riding and so much more keep au pairs and host parents driving kids around and cheering from the sidelines!

Vacation is coming up, school is out on June 22nd!  Schedules are changing for au pairs and their host children.  Day and sleep away camps for the kids are being planned.  Au pairs and host families are planning summer vacations together and separate.  New au pairs are arriving every week, and former au pairs are heading home.  There are welcome and good bye parties, family BBQs and lots of special days to enjoy!

But with all the excitement comes some stress and a need for au pairs and host families to sit down together, discuss the schedule changes, where and how to fit in vacations and how to manage all the activities for the children.  It is very important to continue to have a weekly meeting! Please take time to discuss all the changes so we can all make sure summer here in Suffolk County, Long Island is the best it can be!

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