School End This Week!

Au Pairs and Host Families schedules change in Summer!

schoolsoutIt is important to have a meeting to review schedule changes for the summer .  Kids don’t have school, but they still have busy schedules.  There is often even more driving for the au pairs during summer, taking the kids to day camp, sports, and to the beach.  Playdates are plentiful and need to be part of everyone’s schedule.  Some host parents have more time off in the summer, especially if they are teachers.  Make sure you schedule who is in charge, parent or au pair.  Keep posting a schedule to define working hours for your au pair.

Vacations are often taken by families and au pairs, together and separately.  Be clear about time off and working time.  If your au pair is going on vacation and is working, she gets paid!!  Good planning will make sure everyone has a great time!

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