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LibraryFrom Riverhead Library director, Lisa Jacobs:  Ah, late summer, when school supplies are on sale at all the stores! I’m so tempted (like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail) to buy them even though I don’t need them. Binders, filler paper, new pens…

The reality is, the most important school supply for any student doesn’t appear on teachers’ lists. That is a LIBRARY CARD. Even with Internet access so widely available, your library card still offers access to many things students need. Here’s my own top 10 list:

10. Live online homework help, every afternoon and evening
9. Test prep assistance, both online and in person
8. Online skills-building resources (to help learn that tricky math concept)
7. Access to America the Beautiful state books, both in print and online
6. Access to accurate online encyclopedias such as Grolier and World Book
5. Educational programs on a variety of topics, plus some fun stuff too
4. Free ebooks for downloading to most any device
3. Information for Science Fair projects, both in print and online
2. Access to millions of different books to borrow (now available from both Suffolk and Nassau)
And the number one thing…
1. Great librarians who can help you figure out which of those millions of books you need or want to read next!

Au Pairs should all get library cards!  There are great programs for the kids and you at the library.  Most of the libraries in Suffolk County all have free English conversation groups!  Join one and make even more friends!

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