End of Summer on Long Island

June Cluster Meeting 2012 017Summer is winding done here on Long Island.  Monday, September 2nd is Labor Day which is the unofficial end of summer in our area.  Labor Day is the first Monday in September and was first celebrated in the United States on September 5, 1882 as a trade union holiday.   Most people in the USA celebrate the extended weekend with barbeques, picnics and sporting events.  In fashion, it is traditionally the last day white shoes, sandals or pants are worn until next year’s Memorial Day which is celebrated in May.

school-bus-stop-colorSchool starts after Labor Day.  Everyone is getting back into routine.  The September Cluster Meeting for the Au Pairs is on September 15th and is MANDATORY! There is so much important info to go over and lots of new au pairs to meet.  Check your email for the time and location!

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