Remembering 9/11

9-11-01candleangellargeMost Americans remember where they were the moment the planes hit the twin towers, the pentagon and went down in the field in Pennsylvania.  I remember the au pairs who were in my cluster at that time.

I was proud of every au pair in my cluster on that day and the days following.  They were just as stunned as every American, their families and friends at home were worried that they were in harm’s way and the children in their care were scared.  Not one of young woman in my cluster in Suffolk County was too scared to stay, too scared to comfort their host children or continue with their duties.  They responded with compassion, bravery and were an inspiration to me.  Young women from all over the world stepped up at that difficult time, they spread cultural understanding and world peace through their example.   Thank you.

Today we remember that tragic day with acts of kindness.  We hold each other closer, care more deeply and do for others.  Remember to live in the moment, care about your fellow human beings and give to each other!

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